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Apr 12, 2017 ... Madawaska Kanu Centre on the Madawaska River, Barry's Bay, Ontario. Blog, Features, News, Whitewater Canoe and Kayak Courses.

Nnamdi Kanu: The Price Of Cheap Popularity -By Isaiah Ogedegbe

Here are the people who fabricated it all happen: Andrew and Carole Westwood spent over a year organizing this BIG event; Beth Kennedy finessed the online reservation system (Zone4) for 35 classes of competition; software authority James Vermeulen worked hard to keep score all week long;  Dana Henry designed the arduous yet fair race course; Paul Mason sourced the coolest gear bag for each competitor and OPG gave us an extra day of water; Gail Shields styled it as race start; & Nick Stead – MKC Core Staff Member caught all the action on camera. All we did was open up MKC, serve great food and the fun flowed – downstream!

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May 15, 2018 ... Loki Review - In Deutsch. Loki Review – In Deutsch. Wir danken Ihnen, Kanu Magazin für den Prüfbericht. Tags: Kanu Magazine, loki, ...

Opinion Nigeria Addressing today's contemporary issues

Where would you like to go for a ‪#‎ NowhereMoment‬ ? For the folks at ‪#‎ GoingAwesomePlaces‬   it was with us at Madawaska Kanu Centre to try whitewater paddling in the beautiful  ‪#‎ OntarioHighlands‬   for the first time!! Check out their adventures with us this past summer at MKC on the Going Awesome Places website complete with funny instagrams, pics and an awesome video of their MKC experience:  Whitewater Paddling @ MKC


High cholesterol Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in your blood. If you have too much cholesterol in your blood, it can increase your risk of heart disease ...

Biafra Heats up as Trials Resume, Elections Loom, and Kanu Is Still Missing

Watch Goh Iromoto’s new film, The Canoe! This lyrical 27-minute assignment captures the human connection and bond created by Canada’s acclaimed craft & symbol, the canoe. Five paddlers tell their stories of exploration and renewal in this beautiful piece.


Aug 10, 2018 ... The decision about whether or not to attend college is a serious one with lifelong implications. Changes in the U.S. economy, a decade of lost ...

Health Blog

The MKC Slalom Race August 10th was a huge success – our very own mini-Olympics! Slalom athletes ventured to MKC to warm-up before Whitewater National Championships and some of our own MKC community hopped in slalom boats for the fun – including members from the MKC Office (yes, we paddle!) and Claudia Van Wijk herself! Check out the race results and a few pictures from this awesome day of slalom at MKC!

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High cholesterol Cholesterol is a blubbery substance found in your blood. If you have too much cholesterol in your blood, it can increase your risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a blubbery substance in our blood, which is produced naturally in the liver. Everyone has cholesterol. We need it to stay healthy because every cell in our body uses it. Some Learn added »

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May 15, 2018 ... We are super proud to be in competition at the Supertoon International Animation Festival in the animated commercial category with our film ...

Madawaska Kanu Centre

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Nwannekaenyi "Nnamdi" Kenny Okwu Kanu (born September 1967) is a British- Nigerian political activist. He is a leading member of one of several Biafran ...

Loki Review – Kanu Magazine

There were Open Canoes everywhere! MKC was transformed to being the host for the Open Canoe Nationals in the week of July 20-24th. We gave absolute access to our world-class canal for this prestigious event, adorable paddlers from all corners of the continent to the Madawaska Rivers Chalet rapids gates. Even a horse trailer from Montana came across the country re-fitted to carry the latest designs in fun, fast and ferocious canoe technology!

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Winnetou I

Winnetou I

Die Eisenbahngesellschaft "Great Western Railroad" schickt Old Shatterhand aus Deutschland in den Wilden Westen, um dort zu verhindern, dass die Linie entgegen der Vereinbarungen mit den Indianern mitten durch das Gebiet der Apachen gebaut wird. Der Bauleiter Bill Jones hat diese Bauplananderung auf Betreiben des Ganoven Santer vorgenommen, da sie durch die nun kurzere Strecke einiges an Baukosten sparen und das Geld in die eigene Tasche stecken wollen. Allerdings wollen Santer und seine Leute noch mehr: Sie wollen das Gold der Apachen und haben dafur die Kiowas als Verbundete gewonnen. Doch schon im ersten Gefecht schlagt Old Shatterhand - wie ihn der allgegenwartige Sam Hawkins tauft - die Kiowas in die Flucht. Daraufhin greift Santer mit seinen Leuten die Apachen an, die ihr Gebiet verteidigen wollen. Im Kampf fallt Klekih-petra, der grosse weisse Lehrmeister der Apachen. Fur Winnetou, den Sohn des Apachen-Hauptlings Intschu-tschuna ist das Kampfansage genug: Er lasst Old Shatterhand und seine Freunde gefangen nehmen und an den Marterpfahl binden. Bevor er getotet werden soll, will Winnetou jedoch ein Gottesurteil herbeifuhren: Wenn Shatterhand es schafft, mit einem Kanu den Fluss hinaufzufahren und einen bestimmten Pfahl zu erreichen, soll er frei sein. Das "Greenhorn" nimmt die Herausforderung an..."
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Koihime Muso: The Ultimate Collection (Widescreen)

Koihime Muso: The Ultimate Collection (Widescreen)

Before Hua Mulan, before Wu Zetian, China bore another great hero, one whose true name was lost to history... until now. Swearing vengeance after bandits destroy her family and village, a girl named Aisha takes the name Kan'u and sets forth on a journey that will take her across the ruins of a great nation, living not as a woman "should," but by the strength of her own sword and the steel of her own will. As she travels, Aisha's courage and example become a beacon to other kindred souls: women who dare to shatter the shackles of their own traditions and take up arms, to become a force for change. Now, as a new world begins to emerge from the embers of the old, the face of evil must confront its ultimate nemesis: a girl who has become the soul of a new people. An epic battle for the fate of a nation will be unleashed! Contains episodes 1-13 of "Koihime Muso", episodes 1-12 plus the OVA of "Shin Koihime Muso", and episodes 1-12 plus the OVA of "Shin Koihime Muso: Otome Tairan". Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation. Spoken Languages: Japanese, Subtitles: English, Rated for Ages 14 and Up.
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Scroll Cross with Antiqued Decoration You Mean The World To Me Affirmation Ring Necklace

Scroll Cross with Antiqued Decoration You Mean The World To Me Affirmation Ring Necklace

Silver Tone Scroll Cross with Antiqued Decoration You Mean The World To Me Affirmation Ring Necklace. Silver Tone, hand enameled charms. Charm size is approx. 0.76 x 0.48 x 0.12 inches (HxWxD) including loop. Silver tone 2mm Belcher Chain Necklace is approx. 24 Inches with a Lobster Claw Clasp. Affirmation Ring is approx. 0.86 x 0.86 x 0.05 (HxWxD). This inspirational piece of jewelry is very meaningful. Its circular shape is symbolic for endless belief in the message that is imprinted around the ring. These are motivational or sentimental messages to the wearer. PLEASE NOTE: Our products are lead safe, but are not intended for children 14 years and younger.
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Expedition Liard River

Expedition Liard River

Es gibt nur wenig verlassliche Informationen uber den Liard River, da er sich von Jahr zu Jahr verandert. Ausgesetzt mit dem Wasserflugzeug an den Caribou Lakes, starten Jurgen Minkley und Thomas Meyer in Ihr zweites Abenteuer im Yukon Territorium. Knapp 300 km bis nach Upper Liard fuhrt der Weg im Kanu durch unberuhrte Wildnis. Unvorhersehbare Hindernisse, Wind und Wetter in absoluter Einsamkeit, fordern andauernde Konzentration und korperliche Leistung. Ausgerustet mit dem Notwendigsten sind sie auf sich gestellt. Das Tagebuch erzahlt ihre Geschichte."
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